(No VHSL affiliation)

When: Fridays Beginning September 11
Where: Va Beach Sportsplex (2044 Landstown Centre Way, Virginia Beach, VA 23456)
Time: 3PM-9PM

Games will begin at 3PM with the “We Got Next” Middle School Challenge

Registration Fee: $100 player on teams of 15 or more
$125 per player otherwise- Game Academy will assign all unassigned players

to a team. 

* Registration includes a jersey; Mouthpieces are mandatory; Headgear is optional

Additional Information: 

 1. Awards/prizes will not be distributed in this league to comply with NCAA/VHSL regulations and amateurism status

2. Games will be live streamed to colleges

3. COVID Resolution Officers will be present on each sideline enforcing protocol and offering sanitization athletes and coaches.

    - A mask is required when not playing in the game. 

4. Big Man and Specialists challenges will be held every other Saturday, beginning September 12, 2020

5. Local and National media will make weekly appearances

6. Highlight tapes will be curated after each night of play

7. Every team will play 2 games per night 10.Every team will have a 45-60min window prior to each competition to practice at the VA Beach Sportsplex- grass fields

8. 20 guaranteed games – playoffs – All-star game

9. Get ready for an amazing Friday Night Lights atmosphere!!

10. The health and safety of the players is a top priority- 

   a. The VA Beach Sportsplex has established guidelines to keep you and your family safe by practicing social distancing 

   b. GAME Academy will be working collectively with CHKD and the Sportsplex to comply with Hampton Roads Phase 2 Regulations & Health Guidelines

       i. Teams will have time slots to arrive prior to their game  (* Phase 2 safety protocol)

For any further info please contact: