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Additional Information: 

 1. Awards/prizes will not be distributed in this league to comply with NCAA/VHSL regulations and amateurism status. NO PLAYERS will receive the 3K Cash Prize!!!

2. Games will have highlights!!

3. COVID Resolution Officers will be present on each sideline enforcing protocol and offering sanitization athletes and coaches.

    - A mask is required when not playing in the game. 

4. Local and National media will make appearances 

5. Every team will play guaranteed 6 games 

6. Every team will have a 10-15 min window prior to each competition to practice at the Warhill Sports Complex, Williamsburg, VA- grass fields

7.  Highlight tapes will be curated after the tournament. 

8. The health and safety of the players is a top priority- 

   a. The Warhill Sports Complex, Williamsburg, VA has established guidelines to keep you and your family safe by practicing social distancing 

   b. GAME Academy will be working collectively with CHKD and the Sports Complex to comply with Hampton Roads Phase 2 Regulations & Health Guidelines

       i. Teams will have time slots to arrive prior to their game  (* Phase 2 safety protocol)

For any further info please contact:

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