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***ALL Game Academy Staff/ Non- Essential Staff will be tested***

Our goal is to help combat the potential spread of COVID-19.

***Every patron entering the stadium will have their temperature checked. 

***Each team/staff temperatures will be checked prior to entering the game field. 

***The Warhill Sports Complex staff will be disinfecting the stadium, restrooms and auxiliary areas. The stadium’s seating will be roped off for the practice of social distancing.

  1. We recommend all players and coaches be tested.

  2. We advise all players and coaches to adhere to safety regulations all throughout the week before competition on Friday nights.

  3. Concussion protocol will be available by CHKD

  4. In the event of a positive test: - Anyone who has been in “close contact” will be mandated to quarantine for 2 weeks(2 Fridays). - Close Contact defined: Being Within 6 feet of someone , unmasked, for 15 minutes or longer. - Person must be retested before returning to play.

  5. No Non- Coaching Members will be allowed on the sidelines There will be no water jugs. Bring your own bottles of water/gatorade

  6. Each team is responsible for their own footballs

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